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Sometimes it feels that the life you are hoping for is on the horizon, sometimes it feels much farther. Sometimes you are living the life you want, but you feel you have limited support. Sometimes you just need validation and someone to motivate you. Sometimes you need tools, techniques and someone to help you process with proven therapeutic modalities. Here at Horizon Wellness Services, we offer all of these forms of support.

Therapy is like a boat ride: you are driving the boat, we are just beside you for the ride to help with navigation and to point out potential obstacles ahead. Together, we will ride toward the horizon with the goal of helping you to achieve a fulfilling and happy life in which you are living your truth in a healthy and positive way.

*Please note, all therapists at Horizon Wellness Services are independent practitioners. We are each indpendently licensed, credentialed and insured, practicing collaboratively in the same space.

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